Sunday, March 21, 2010

Girls set for AFL teams in national competition plan in Australia

LOOK out Buddy, Juddy and Gazza - footy women could soon have a league of their own.
AFL chiefs have commissioned a review of the future of women's football with an eye to creating a female national competition.
Backers say women players could pull on the boots for sister sides of the AFL's biggest teams within a decade.
Hawks president Jeff Kennett yesterday revealed Hawthorn was poised to announce its own women's team, through a partnership with an existing female club.
To be known as the Hawks, the team would benefit from a close relationship with the 2008 premiers.
"We are well on the way to getting the deal done," Mr Kennett told the Herald Sun. "There are 80,000 women playing football in Australia and I can actually see this working."
The Melbourne Football Club has established links with the Victorian Women's Football League, and North Melbourne is exploring options.
Supporters say a "WAFL" could even command its own broadcast rights deal.
The review will be conducted by AFL Victoria consultant David Code and presented to the league later this year. AFL community development manager Dean Warren said the review was aimed primarily at overhauling female football at junior, suburban and state levels, but forming a national league was on the radar.