Thursday, March 31, 2011


The Montreal Angels Women's Aussie Rules team is proud to announce two of their members: Margo Legault and Aimee Legault, have been named in the Canadian National squad to compete at the fourth International Cup of Australian Football in Sydney/Melbourne, Australia in August. The sisters represented Canada last year in the Canadian Northern Lights first ever victory against the United States, both Margo and Aimee playing key roles in the victory. The news comes on the back of the news Quebec Saint Kyle Graham has made the men's Canadian Northwind squad for IC2011.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Angels may represent Canada in IC2011

The first training camp/tryouts for the 2011 Northern Lights Team Canada was held in Toronto this past weekend. Montreal Angels Lindsay Belzie and Margo Legault represented Quebec, with Ashley Gasperino and Aimee Legault not being able to travel the distance to attend.
The final selection of players which will be travelling to Australia to compete in the first ever Women's International Championshop (IC2011) will be officially announced on March 27th.

The Montreal Angels and the Quebec Saints would like to wish all players Good Luck.