Sunday, May 13, 2012

Angels get Hyped!

Emily Legault - Hype player of the Week
Named Rookie Standout in Montreal
Pre-season Tournament
The Montreal Angels Aussie Rules Football Team is ecstatic about their new found partnership with Hype Energy Drinks. With the 2012 season just kicking off, Hype and the Angels have many trips ahead of them, including games scheduled in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. 

Who are the Angels you say? We're a bunch of fearless, strong, good-looking and fun women athletes who play a crazy sport from down under. We feel like Hype is a good match for us because it's original, wacky and stands out, just like us!

What is Aussie Rules? It's like nothing you've ever seen! A fusion of all your favourite sports, the idea is to try and kick the ball through vertical posts, all the while dodging body checks and tackles from the opposition. The ball is oval and you can run with it. You can either kick it or punch it to a team mate, but if you decide to keep it you have to bounce it on the grass after running 10 yards. 

After claiming the title of Canadian Women's National Championship in 2010, the Angels had three players represent Canada in the first ever women's International Championships in Australia in June 2011. 
The 2012 season is looking very promising with the Angels recording 
their first win at the AFL Quebec pre-season tournament hosted in Montreal.