Saturday, June 30, 2012


Images courtesy of PJ Devine
The Montreal Angels have come away with a perfect record in Boston claiming two victories in the tri-series tournament against the New York Lady Magpies and the Boston Lady Demons. 

The Lady Demons proved hard to beat at home with both the Angels and Lady Demons having 9 scoring shots. It would be the Angels slightly better accuracy that would see them edge out the ever improving New England squad by just 5 points. Angels 4.5 (29) def. Lady Demons 3.6 (24). In game two against the Magpies the Angels won first half arm-wrestle to get to half time just six points in front of a gallant New York team. It would take a invigorated second half effort for the Montreal team to eventually put the game away running away 29 point victors with a 4.5 (29) to 0.0 (0) scoreline. The Boston girls would eventually get a much deserved 'W' in game three taking the points over New York by 18 points, Boston 3.2 (20) to New York 0.2 (2).

It would be a tough day at the office for the men's squad who were facing off against a Boston River Rats Metro team. After getting jumped early the Saints were never able to recover, but steadied late in the game to add some respectability to the scoreboard. The Boston River Rats 15.7 (97) defeating the Quebec Saints 4.6 (30) to the tune of 67 points.