Saturday, October 12, 2013


Angel Kate Allbon Sargeant v Demons. Photo: Rob Colburn
It was an action packed first day at the Canadian Women's Nationals Saturday in Ottawa. The Angels split their results with a solid first up victory against the High Park Lady Demons before falling to the Edmonton Emus later in the day. Sister club the Ottawa Lady Swans were pipped twice, losing both their matches by 2 points. With the Edmonton Emus already locked in for a place in the final, Sunday's match-up between the Hamilton Wildcats and Calgary Kookaburras will determine their opponent.

The 8 teams are split into 2 pools, the teams that finish first in each playing off for the cup. The second placed teams will contest a playoff match for 3rd, third placed teams for 5th, and finally the bottom placed teams will fight out for 7th.

Sunday's prospects: It means a win for the Angels Sunday will see them finish second and play the loser of the Wildcats v Kookaburras match. A loss will see the Angels finish third and face a playoff for fifth against Ottawa provided the Swans can take the points over the Blues.

Results: Pool A - Emus 32 def. Roos 2, Angels 29 def. Demons 0, Roos 44 def Demons 7, Emus 49 def. Angels 0.

Pool B - Wildcats 29 def. Swans 27, Kookas 24 def. Blues 8, Kookas 33 def. Swans 31, Wildcats 48 def. Blues 0.